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Reduce Splunk software license waste

Enclave can help you identify and eliminate data sources that are consuming your license without adding much value. It’s very common for Splunk administrators to simply “turn on everything” when onboarding new data sets. This  multiple GBs per day of license usage is completely unnecessary and provide no value to the organization. 


Depending upon your type of license (perpetual or term) and volume license purchased, each GB of data saved represents upwards of several thousands of dollars of savings – per each GB of data!  Or, unnecessary data can be replaced with higher-value data that serves additional use cases and drives additional or higher value to your business, getting the most out of the license that you purchased.  

Time to Value

Splunk provides insight into literally never-seen-before data. It can be very difficult, and time consuming for a Splunk administrator to effectively review these logs and make a decision on which data is relevant, where the value lies in that data, and which data could be dropped from Splunk entirely. 

Using our experience analyzing large data sets and extensive domain knowledge, Enclave can help your Splunk administrator find the value buried in your data in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

Data Management

Splunk generates a massive amount of data the moment data ingesting data starts. Once the data is in the system admins are typically too busy to tier the ageing data off to cheaper storage. Thus, a company is paying too much for storage since the data that could be years old and sitting high price storage.  Admins are too busy with other priorities to set a standard way to ingest the data based on the source which leads to unusable data or worse corrupt.

Our expertise in creating an Informational Lifecycle Management(ILM) model that moves data based on age and accessibility to the correct storage tier will help companies reduce the overall cost yet increasing the user experience.  

Operational Efficiency 

Once customers have a working Splunk environment, Splunk administrators often fail to identify opportunities to improve organizational efficiencies with Splunk. For example, a new Splunk administrator may not understand that all the server monitoring alert emails generated by Splunk could instead open tickets in their ticketing system directly and dynamically assign owners. The same Splunk administrator might also miss that there is an excellent Splunk app for AWS that could help them generate individualized billing reports. Enclave brings an intimate knowledge of the product offerings along with the experience of using Splunk and deploying Splunk for other customers and brings that product expertise into your organization. Enclave also has deep expertise in turning workflows into automation. 

Ongoing Maintenance

Enclave can assist with the following ongoing maintenance actives:


Human Health Check 

Enclave searches for security anomalies with daily reviews of your Splunk environment. By reviewing alerts and dashboards, we identify potentially malicious activity. Based on review outcomes, our engineers filter false positives, investigate potential threats, and escalate valid security incidents according to your Alert Escalation Communication Plan


Splunk Upgrades

Enclave supports the upgrades needed for your Splunk environment.  When the time to upgrade comes we can assist with an upgrade path, determine the order of which upgrade certain systems, and help perform the actual upgrade.



Enclave assists in maintaining the health of your Splunk instance.  We monitor the health of your Splunk infrastructure from search heads, to indexers, to deployment servers, and all other Splunk systems supporting your environment.


Futureproofing Architecture

Your Splunk design should accommodate your current and future needs. Our architects will deliver optimized Splunk architecture that addresses your immediate goals but also takes into account the growth of your business.


Intelligent Views

If you need to have a dashboard, report, or a saved search developed our engineers can help.  Enclave works with your team to determine the desired business outcome and the data sources required to construct the dashboards and searches required.

Data Managemen
Operational Efficiency
Ongoing Maintenance
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