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Enclave Data

Data Control Engine

Enclave Data’s cloud-based service futureproofs data by applying a data management model with our Data Control Engine. 


The approach allows for current and future toolsets to be run against a common data model. The data management model is enabled through the Data Control Engine (DCE) that aggregates, secure, standardizes, and ensures the integrity of your data. 


Data Control Engine (DCE) is made up of micro-service engines configured to manage data based on your organization's data management requirements for how data sources are transformed into a common format that meets compliance, security, lifecycle and usage requirements.  DCE utilizes microservices to assure the service scales based on the data sources being ingested and accessed.


This allows you to focus on providing new data and analytical products that dynamically change to meet customer and market requirements. 


Data of Any Kind

Focused on intake and initial processing of data of all types quickly and securely. i.e Excel, Word, Database, HVAC logs, GPS data


Holstic Security

Built with security in mind, DCE is a data in motion platform which ensures that every packet is securely ingested.


Insightful Reporting

Dynamic data stories with more automated and consumer experiences in-context data stories mean that the most relevant insights will stream to each user based on their context, role or use.


Consumption as a Service

Consume as needed and pay for only what you use.


Flexible Deployment

The DCE is deployed in public cloud services (AWS, Google, and Azure). The service also runs in a private cloud or hybrid mode.


Machine Learning

Focused on understanding the trends and patterns of data as they relates to the business outcomes .

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