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Data Control Engine 


Zero Trust Service

A Zero Trust security architecture minimizes the risk of malicious actors penetrating the perimeter, moving laterally, and exfiltrating data. 

Internet of Things

Enclave turns IoT data into action in today's connected world, providing insight from the very first connected device.

Automated Compliance

Focused on providing increased visibility and more defined control, enabling clients to meet compliance standards such as PCI, ISO, and HIPAA.


Focused on validating data and making it tamperproof.

Elemental Logging

Focused on pull data from many disparate systems into a single comprehensive, data store for unique security insights and analysis.

Data Managment

Data Management provides a framework to help data and analytics leaders design, model, align, execute, monitor and tune decision models and processes in the context of business outcomes and behavior.

Data Ingestion

Focused on intake and initial processing of data of all types quickly and securely.

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